Premium Security

Give your customers a cloud based whole-home management experience with a monitored security service

  • Our Connected-Living platform enhanced with professional installation and response options
  • Customizable access levels available for security providers to offer premium security services
  • Choose between DIY, installer or remotely assisted installation with
    specialized apps
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Security and Safety
at the core

Simple and Seamless
Mobile Apps

Do-it-Yourself installation,
simple setup


Security, Safety and Home Management

WeR@Home™ Smart Home Solution enables people to independently manage their home environment from anywhere, anytime, in real time, and on any screen

  • Home security and safety at the core – be notified of security events in real time
  • Modular and expandable – manage all your connected home devices
  • Set scenarios and rules for automation – decide what will trigger an action
  • Save energy and money by controlling your lights and air conditioning even when you are not at home
  • Simple and easy to use application

End-to-End Connected Home Solutions for Service Providers

A complete platform for service providers to expand their services and grow their business with a complete single vendor solution

Home Automation

  • Z-Wave connectivity allows expansion to hundreds best of breed home management devices
  • Cloud based integrations such as NEST, connect customers to expanding IoT ecosystems


Business Expansion

  • Valuable services for your customers
  • Cloud based HD video monitoring
  • 3rd party device and cloud to cloud 
integrations offer best of breed expansion
  • Short time to market within 2-4 months

Customized Solutions

Our full ownership enables us to customize solutions to our partners’ needs and to drive business growth, and personalize solutions to their customers.

Flexible and Scalable

  • Providing a tailored home management solution
  • Service providers can adapt the apps with their own look and feel
  • Strengthens brand awareness


Home gateways and devices
3dr Party services and devices


Mobile Apps
Interactive home management
Video monitoring

Service Provider

Service provider admin tool
Installer and guard app

Better your business while you better your customers’ lives

Working with tier-1 global service providers.

Expanding Ecosystem

WeR@Home™ is modular and allows service providers to offer valuable services such as video monitoring and energy management through an ever increasing range of device enhancements.

Service Provider Management Tools

With WeR@Home™, service providers can bring their customer engagement to a new level and remotely assist their customers, provide software upgrades and professional security services.


Over 22 years of Innovation and Experience

Providing IoT connected-living solutions

Three Lines of Business

Smart Care
Smart Living
Smart Security

1.5 million households

with Essence systems deployed
15 million devices installed

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